Magazines these days can be works of art. So much time and effort goes into creating covers that are visually stunning and eye catching so why hide them away where no one can see them? I usually keep my magazine collections on shelves in files where I have to make an effort to see them. This means that so much of the time I don’t end up reading the whole magazine before buying the next one! I’m miss out on so much of the magazine.

Hanging the magazines in full view using this minimal rope technique not only looks amazing but also reminds me to finish reading them as well. The making of this rope magazine holder is super simple and requires absolutely no mathematical skills to balance! Always a bonus when it comes to DIY.


  • Rope
  • Air dry clay
  • Key ring
  • Picture hook
  • Chop stick/Skewer


1. Break off two equal balls of air dry clay and using wet hands work and knead until smooth.

2. Take one of the air dry clay balls and roll into a cylinder. Keep both ends flat and try to keep the sides as straight as possible.

3. Using a chop stick or skewer poke a whole through the length of the cylinder. Wiggle the implement around until you have a whole that’s wide enough for the rope to fit through. Remove the chopstick/skewer and smooth the clay down at each end.

4. Make two of these clay cylindrical oversized beads. Leave them to harder for 24 hours.

5. Thread one end of the rope through one of the beads and tie a knot in the end of the rope. Cut off the excess to create a neat look.

6. Thread the keyring onto the middle of the rope.

7. Thread the remaining end of rope through the second cylinder bead, tie off and trim to end to a neat point.

8. Hang the keyring onto the picture hook and get yourself a couple of magazines that have beautiful covers. carefully hang both holding onto the free end as you hang the first magazine.

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