If you were graced a black thumb (like me!) and have trouble keeping even the simplest of plants alive in your home, you might want to consider investing in an air plant. Air plants absorb their nutrients, not through their roots, but through their leaves and simply require indirect sun and a light misting every so often to survive.

A low maintenance repertoire that even the houseplant-challenged can master. Give height and a sculptural element to these effortless plants with this easy DIY air plant stand. With an end result that resembles the look of modern palm trees, these babies will help you channel a tropical oasis even in the dead of winter!


  • 2” wood block cube
  • 1 piece of 18-20 gauge silver or gold floral wire at least 11” long
  • Wire cutter
  • 1” diameter cylindrical item such as a small spool of thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Electric drill fitted with a 1/16” drill bit
  • Small air plant

1. Mark the center of one face of the wood cube.

2. Cut the floral wire to 11” length (if necessary). Wrap one end of the wire around the spool of thread to create a ring. Slide the ring off of the spool of thread, and twist wire end onto ring, and trim tail.

3. Bend the ring downward at a 45 degree angle, keeping the “neck” portion of the wire as straight as possible.

4. Drill the center of block as marked in step 1. Drill only 7/8th of the way down, and not all the way through the block. Take care to drill straight down (not at an angle). Brush off sawdust.

5. Place the straight end of the wire into the hole like you would a flower in a vase.

6. Place air plant into the wire ring. Set on your desk or another indirectly sunny spot, and mist with water every so often. Enjoy!

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