Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about the next big holiday. It’s the one that’s filled with chocolates, flowers, kisses, hugs and lots of mushy cards. Valentine’s Day is just a skip ahead of us on the calendar and it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get – or make – your loved ones. That’s why we decided to share a great list of ideas that include DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts you can create yourself. From your husbands to your kiddos, this compilation has something for everyone. Take a look!

1. Heart Blanket.

Get really crafty and try re-creating this homey, cozy and absolutely charming heart blanket! It’s the perfect gift for your mom, sister or best friend. And, if you’re a guy looking to get really creative you don’t even have to know how to sew to make this adorable idea happen for your girlfriend, fiance or wife!{found on

This is such a perfect little gift for any of your little ones to enjoy. They can carry them around and use them for naptime or they can decorate their room or play areas with the plush cuties! All you need are some socks to get started!{found on

Again, you can get a little creative with this DIY idea! Make them a little more masculine to give off to your beau, or punch in some extra pink and sparkles as the perfect gift for your best friend or sis! Just be careful when cutting your choice of log.{found on

Grab a mason jar and get to work creating a great gift for your mom or girlfriend. Not only should you bring fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day to all the women in your life, but pair it with a jar you jazzed yourself and you’ll wow everyone!{found on

I’m sure you’ve seen this charming idea before, but it’s just too perfect not to share. Grab your vases and get creative for your fiance or even your parents to enjoy! We love these in particular as they’re taken the traditional white mug and black sharpie accent and turned it around to create something a bit more unique.{found on

Glitter them up, fill them with candy and then pass them out to all the kids in the family! They’ll love that they’ll be able to use them in their rooms to hide some of their secrets away, but they’ll love the candy inside even more. And, of course, you can never go wrong with glitter.{found on

These can be used for absolutely anyone. They’re easy to create, personalize and scatter around the house as adorable and memorable little trinkets. In your loved one’s home office or on your kid’s nightstand, these artistic creations can style and be used as memory-making pieces.{found on

Here’s another great idea for the kids of the house. If your little ones love to color, draw and dive into art projects at home, make them a box for their crayons with a bit of personal style!{found on

Whether it’s for your kids backpack or your sister’s home office, these ombre pencils will be jazzing up a desk somewhere. They’re also quite easy to make and fun too!{found on

Whether it’s your man or your woman, this gift will and is loved by all. Dawn their desktop or side table with this “light up my life,” from the heart gift. Follow the directions closely and you won’t be emptying your pockets on something out of your budget this holiday.{found on

From your grandmother to your best friend, these memory candles are a great gift for anyone you love and have made a memory with. You don’t even have to stick with photos, instead anything from old love letter to movie tickets could dress the candle.{found on

Create this dry erase board and have your girlfriend or wife feel loved every day of the year. You’ll make the foundation and then you’ll be able to send love notes to each other for all seasons.{found on

Dress up your dude’s man cave or son’s playroom with these heart-eating dinosaur. It’s a fun gift and completely memorable and easy to create. Grab a plastic dinosaur, gold paint and some sweetheart candies to do the trick.{found on

With some basic sewing skills you can grab an old necktie and create a pocket for travel for your beau. It’s a great upcycle gift and his new ties will be packed in style with what you made!{found on

We are loving this puzzle idea for your little ones to enjoy. All you need is multiple colors to make it work. Add glitter for the girls and get some primary colors for the little boys.{found on

You can get so creative with this idea. More feminine for the ladies or a bit more edgier and rustic for your guys, all you need to get started is a pallet and some paint! It can become a great piece for the bedroom or even inside one’s home office.{found on

All you need is a jar, some embellishments and 10 reasons why the one your gifting is the one you love. This can become a charming trinket for around the house but also hold a lot of love and memories as well.{found on

Does the one you love, love a great cup of coffee? Create a set up wrappers that will personal and style their on-the-go mugs! From fun phrases to fun drawings, you’ll have a great time creating and they’ll have a great time enjoying.{found on

Think outside-the-box for your little boy. For the guys who love all things creepy and crawly, grab some plastic bugs from the story and give them a Valentine’s Day makeover. They’ll get a gift that they’ll be able to play with but also remember that mom and dad made especially for them!{found on

Here’s another great idea that will work for anyone! From the kids to your neighbor, a small, Vday-inspired snow globe can be just the little project to inspire you and make others feel really special.{found on

If you’re looking for something a bit more simple and masculine, why not try and create these mini pallet coasters for your man’s living room or man cave? It’s a lot easier than it looks and he’ll adore the fact that you made them from scratch!{found on

Whether it’s the state you met in or the spot you moved to after your wedding, this is such a great idea for adding a piece of yourself to your home. You can also mark both your hometowns, drawing a line to each other. It’s personalized and your loved one will love how much time and energy you took into putting this together.{found on

Use them to create some garland for your mom’s mantle or your sister’s kitchen. Or give them away as small trinkets that they’ll be able to keep around for February decor and loving memories.{found on

Surprise your girlfriend, fiance or wife with this charming and youthful gift – that you made yourself. Carve your names into a tree and then she’ll be able to display it in the house for years to come.{found on

Here’s another great idea for any of the men or women in your life. Choose the cactus, choose the pot and choose the fun little phrase to float atop! Just follow the easy tutorial on how to make it all work.{found on vitaminihandmade}.

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