No one can remember a Valentine’s Day without those little heart shaped message candies. We passed them giggling to our crushes when we were eight years old and made them into witty valentines in high school. Now that we’re grown ups, we’re still not over those classic conversation hearts. They’re so adored, we found 10 DIYs that incorporate Sweethearts into our Valentine’s Day decor! Take a look!

1. Balloons

Helium balloons are a cheap way to deck out your home for a Valentine’s Day party. Find some pastel heart ones and red alphabet stickers to recreate the funnest balloons you’ve ever seen. (via conversation heart banner

You can print out these hearts or cut them out yourself. Either way, they certainly make a darling banner that you’ll want to keep hanging up all month long. (via conversation heart candles

It’s all about the glue with this conversation hearts project. We’d have a hard time not eating too many of those sweet little hearts before we finished. (via conversation heart magnets

Don’t forget to give your fridge some Valentine’s Day lovin’! Make these pretty pastel magnets out of clay and they’ll perfectly match all the valentines you’ll receive. (via conversation heart wreath

Hosting a party on the holiday of love means you need to create something to welcome your guests at the door. This wreath made from conversation hearts should do nicely. (via conversation heart printables

Printables are the best because they’re easy and fun and colorful and inexpensive. Are you convinced yet? Add these pretty pastel hearts to your gallery wall for V-Day. (via valentine bouquete

All you ladies who receive bouquets of flowers from your valentines, check out this trick that uses some candy hearts to spruce up your vase. The hard part will be stealing them from the kids. (via conversation heart pillow

You know you want to break out some sewing skills to make this sparkly heart pillow. We wouldn’t blame you if you have it on your bed long after February is gone. (via painted conversation hearts

Have you ever thought about spray painting some conversation hearts? Those pastel beauties suddenly shine with golden bling with this simple DIY. (via conversation heart picture

Here’s a project that your kids will enjoy just as much as you. Use your hearts to spell out “Love” or “Be Mine” or “XO” or all of them at once! (via Vicky Barone)

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